Founded in 2016 in the heart of UAE, Abu Dhabi, Algorythma is developing world-class sustainable technology initiatives and products that address the needs of individuals, institutions, corporations and government entities. We are a team of scientists, developers, artists, designers, writers, and innovative thinkers who have joined to transform creative ideas into turnkey solutions and applications.

At Algorythma, technology is at the heart of all that we do. From identifying issues that impact lives, to supporting experts in creating solutions, we focus on building products and teams that transform industries and the boundaries of business with technology.

  • Img Mission


    Build groundbreaking technologies and products which have the potential to disrupt conventional industries and develop businesses at a global scale

  • Img Vision


    Establish advanced technologies in the service of humanity

  • Img Values


    Innovate through ardent experimentation Pursue growth that stems from learning Embrace and drive exceptional change Empower individuals for a strategic framework Build social value by seeking diverse perspectives


  • Img Mission


    Our ideas are not born overnight. We seek worthy technology problems which challenge the status quo and leave a tangible social and economic impact on the world. Every idea we commit to undergoes evaluation that aligns with our ethos and purpose.

  • Img Vision


    We bring together outstanding teams across technology, engineering, design and business who have the desire and passion to build exceptional products and global technology companies.

  • Img Mission


    Our global network and experience in building and scaling businesses in different parts of the world provides our teams with the means to leverage this knowledge and scale their businesses with confidence.

  • Img Vision


    We are committed to building market leaders in industries we operate and we continue to evolve our technology and business models to deliver value.